Meet The Practice

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Dr.James Petras, D.M.D.

Northwestern College, '81
Dental, University of Pennsylvania, '85
Orthodontics, Boston University, '87

"I was born and raised on a Wisconsin farm. After graduating as valedictorian of my class, I entered Northwestern as a chemistry major to become a physician. While in college, my teeth needed orthodontic work so I became friends with a local orthodontist and paid for my braces by mowing lawns and completing handy man jobs. Our friendship and his mentoring lead to my interest in pursuing a career in orthodontics.

I find dentistry to be very artistic so it goes hand and hand with what I enjoy doing at home. My life is an endless parade. I love to do a million things: play piano, sing in a polka band (Uncle Earl and His Fuzzy Cousins), garden & landscape, run in local races, play basketball & sports, read and fill my time with artistic projects such as special effects for my children's parties. I love to roll up my sleeves and live my life.

Because of my love of sports and music, I can totally connect with kids and it's very natural. They are a part of my life and we'd love for you to join our family so please come and visit us."

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Debbie Saylor, Assisting

"It really has been a lot of years of a lot of tears, a lot of laughter, a lot of everything. We are all very proud of what we do here. We all say we're going to retire here!"

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Marybeth Werner, Reception/Assisting

"I like coming to work because I meet different people and I work with kids. I have four children and four grandchildren. I also used to be nursery school teacher and I think that's why I can connect so well with the kids."

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Zitta Conner, Reception

"I love everything about my job. I love being with the patients. I love coming to work and being with Debbie and Marybeth. They really are my family."

Words from our happy clients

From Sue

Hey there - When Keegan, Jesse and I left earlier today we briefly talked about you girls in the car and what resonated with me particularly is that my boys think you girls are like family. That’s saying a lot from two 17 years olds, right? They of course think I talk too much, but then say we (the 4 of us) have a lot of fun in the brief amount of time I’m in the office.

Then one of them (don’t remember which) said something like “do you think most parents talk to them (meaning you three) as much as we do?” to which I said “I hope so.” to which they said “I don’t think so, I think many parents are quiet and kind of “beige”…to which I said “I think you’re right, but then most parents are missing the point don’t ya think? I think people are afraid to have fun in public and then they said “yup”.

Soooo the reason I felt the urge to tell you about this is… two 17 year olds recognized that although we (ok…me) talk a lot, we have fun!!! Isn’t having fun, as long as it’s at nobody’s expense, cool??? I think so!

So you three can be quiet (Zitta)…finish each others sentences (Mary Beth and Debbie), which I think is a compliment that you know each other that well or just enjoy working in an environment that feels like family. The end result is that you are all (Jim included) making a difference in people lives because of their outward appearance (their smile) and having fun doing it. How many people can say that they do THAT for a living??

Keep up the good work…you guys are the best!

From Kim Saadi and the Saadi Bunch

I can hardly believe Emma is coming for impressions! Before time gets away from us, I wanted to thank you. All of our kids looked forward to visit, to talks, to hearing you sing or you asking them their opinion. The Saadi Bunch always have an opinion on anything! You always bowed them great respect and valued them. I am sure that you treat all of your patients well-but you made my kids always seem extra special. As a mom - I can never repay you for the encouragement and support. As painful as our cumulative orthodontic bill maybe. I am so incredibly grateful that our journey was with your office. I wish you and your family the best of everything! And congratulations! You have survived the Saadi kids!

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